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Welcome to Smoke & Fire ~~~ !!!

Loggahead / Aug 11, 2016
Smoke & Fire [Alliance - Aggramar / Fizzcrank – CST] is a PVEverything guild which was formed back when the original Guild Wars released in 2005. Smoke & Fire was born out of the frustrations we found at the time when the majority of guilds were stuck on major power trips, took themselves WAY too seriously, and boasted lofty time commitments. SaF was kind of our way of giving them the finger so to speak. Our motto has always been "No Reqs, No Worries!”.

Over the last 8 years, we have forged some strong friendships, "grew up” together, and watched each other start families. We strive for a laid back, helpful, and friendly atmosphere. We have found that being married, having kids, and having full time careers fill our lives with more than enough drama to go around and the last place we want more of it is in an online game!

We now have our sights set on Legion and are looking forward to Questing, Raiding, and running Dungeons with you all! Would even like to have a little PvP sprinkled on top! At any rate, we are starting off small because we just migrated to Agg/Fizz from another realm but we are ramping up for the Legion release on August 30th.

If any of this resonates with you and you are looking for a no-pressure, no-drama guild experience, get to know us on the forums or btag me @ Loggahead#1191

Smoke & FIRE ~~~ !!!



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