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Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them. Are there animals which you really are afraid of? Or is there something that you love? Do you have any pe...
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Hi guys, I'm the newest member of the crew. My hobbies are playing computer games, watching sci-fi movies, and reading books. I do hope to get along with everyone.
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Been busy with You Tube

If you have wondered what happen to me, I have been busy with a you tube channel of mine with Katie. We make fun of bad films under the name Two Broke Rednecks. I plan to try to be on more after we finish our current project which is Manos: The Ha...
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dark souls 2

does anybody else play this on the 360? i'm pretty awful at it. it's fun when i'm not getting my ass kicked during a boss fight.
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My Grandson, Saigen James Luther

Here is a link to pics of my new Grandson. meQal's Grandson
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Shameless Music Whoring

Check out my friend's band! You can listen to and download their music for free at that -----> Six Times Seven EP link. I really like Somnambulist, but I may be biased ;) Share with your friends on facebook or some shiz and I will be eternally ...
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For all you teachers!
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I'm a Dinosaur

<Begin Rant>I've officially become my dad.I am a Dinosaur.What ever happened to just WRITING a post or article about GW2 tactics or builds? Why Earth does everyone now do a frickin' hour long YouTube video on than damn subject. When I have ...
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Why can't I run naked in the fields of chat while violins play?

I really want to know because it's a desire I have to run naked in our guild chat with violins playing something moving.
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Where did your avatar come from

Avatars, we all use them on forums. Often the same one when possible. But where does that avatar you use come from? What's it's meaning to you? Mine is from Italian Spiderman. I like it because I think of a guy walking into a bathroom to find some...
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World War Z

For all you zombie fans.
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Thank You!!!

I want to say thank you to all guildies who are serving in our military and those of you have served. It is because of you that we get to live free in this wonderful country. You are our heros!!!~Gwenvyon
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Hi Smoke and Fire,I wanted to say that I have enjoyed my time here with all of you and to thank you all for allowing me to be part of Smoke and Fire. However, I have decided to move to the world of the Tarnished Coast to play with some of my frien...
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Wreck It Ralph:

Just took my two oldest kids to see Wreck It Ralph and it was awesome! Had so many throwbacks to arcade games! Well worth seeing in the theater. It was very witty, funny, and extremely nostalgic. I can't believe they got the licensing for so m...
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Edge of Destiny

If anyone is interested J. Robert King wrote an excellent novel about Destiny's Edge. This book is a prequel to the GW2 events. It is well written and reveals what happened between Logan, Caithe, Eir, Garm, Rytlock, Snaff and Zojja, for those of u...
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East coasters...

Simply, stay storm safe. Suggesting some seriousness.
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Shiny, new!

So what's the cool shiny new options or features of this site versus the other one?
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