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#12726004 Sep 21, 2016 at 08:29 AM · Edited over 1 year ago
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Forget Medium-Rare, this Ulduar cheevo is turning out to be quite the challenge! ;)

We tried it again last night and accidntally killed the dragon so we are raid locked until next Tuesday. That means we have 1 week to figure out our strategy and become the masters of char-grilling some iron dwarves to perfection!

UPDATE: We were successful last night (09/29/16) using the following strategy!

Here's the gist of what we need to do to gain this cheevo:

  1. Collect iron dwarves
  2. Damage the iron dwarves a little - We verified last night that this is not needed
  3. Harpoon Razorscale
  4. Damage Razorscale < 50% so she stays grounded - Again, difficult because of the damage we do. A new guildie last night had a great idea. She took off all of her gear and just melee'd her and that was working quite well!
  5. Bunch the dwarves up and let Razorscale slowly roast them! - This takes 8-10 breaths? This is a good time to step away form the computer and let her do her thing.
  6. Run up the stairs to reset the fight - If anything goes wrong other than killing Razorscale.

Here's a new vid I just found: (in this one he didn't actually damage the iron dwarves!)
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